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Product Information

This Exclusive - YOU.ARE.GOLDEN - ABUNDANCE,  Statement piece is made entirely by hand.

Please read the full story below.

Product Information

This Exclusive - YOU.ARE.GOLDEN - ABUNDANCE, Statement piece is made entirely by hand. This artpiece has been made with different materials, acrylic paint and goldleaf that has been placed with placed with care and love.

ANA Collectives' vision is to let the light shine within you and if you connect with the light within you, you will also notice that abundance is everywhere.

This artwork is inspired by the song,
Abundance from Alexia Chellun:

Abundance is all around me
It’s in the flowers, It’s in the trees
It’s in the honey, It’s at your feet
It’s in the stars that you see, It’s our birthright,
it’s our birthright. So look around and see it everywhere. It’s in your shoes, your hats, 
the clothes you get to wear

All i know, abundance is everywhere.

Part of the proceeds will be put into the Lina Monica Foundation. A project where Ana wants to create a 'Safe haven' in her native country for girls who have had children at a young age and have been in a difficult position, just like her birth mother.

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Size or Dimensions

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70x100 cm

Product Details

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Material - Goldlead, acrylic texture paint

Hand made - Yes

(Exclusive) Edition - 1 edition

Frame: Yes

Special Instructions

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1 edition

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